Niord Vendia Consulting offers knowledge and experience within multiple areas of C4ISR

What we offer

Niord Vendia consultants have extensive experience with managing large projects and missions, as well as implementing and developing medium to large sized IT-solutions. As a result, our consultants are equipped with not only technical and theoretical knowledge regarding C4ISR systems, operations and intelligence collection, but also the operational knowledge and expertise to lead missions in the proper direction. Talent and experience within the command-and-control area of C4ISR, are necessary for the proper leadership, decision making, and tactical mindset that is needed in order to lead operations to victory. Command and control play a fundamental role in the success of battle management, which is why Niord Vendia Consulting, offers years of experience and individuals with various areas of expertise, to help in the proper execution of command and control.

With Niord Vendia Consulting, our customers will receive highly specialized counselling and education in the Intelligence area of C4ISR, founded in the extensive technical and operational knowledge of our consultants. This wide spectrum of knowledge has been gathered through decades of experience within the Navy, Army and SOF domains. This includes participating and leading various intelligence collection operations and electronic warfare support. As such, our team has the analytical and investigative qualities necessary to connect the dots, and provide the tactical support that is needed in order to conduct proper decision making in intelligence collection contexts.

We understand the demands and requirements necessary for the systems used in providing tactical information for the common operating picture. As such, by having the proper knowledge regarding these systems, it is possible to ensure the proper conditions for execution of electronic warfare support, in-field tactical reconnaissance, which can be perfected during on-location training, and executed through in-field operations. This serves as a foundation in regard to Surveillance and Reconnaissance in C4ISR.

As battle management systems (BMS) act as fundamental support for the proper execution of operations in the battlefield, it is important to know the ins and outs of the various battle management systems in the market, in order to make decisions that will benefit the operation with the planned outcome.

Battle Management Systems are thus crucial to operational success, due to their ability to provide a common operational picture and on-location tactical situational awareness; as well as the communication necessary for proper decision making and execution between tactical groups.

Niord Vendia Consulting provides guidance regarding sensor integration, implementation and integration of battle management systems, as well as development and tactical use, that will aid in the successful achievement of mission and operation objectives.

With a variety of consultants with different specializations, Niord Vendia Consulting’s capabilities also include the tactical and operational knowledge and experience of leading and conducting SOF-operations.

Our consultants are thus able to lead clients in their desired direction of improvement, by drawing on previous SOF-training and tactical execution. Examples include: Maritime boarding operations, from which the Niord Vendia team has extensive operational and tactical experience from various parts of the world. More specifically, operations included providing a well-proven, and complete wireless network-based solution. This enabled real-time evidence collection (biometric and video) with a MIL-STD ruggedized and digitized communication and collection suite.

With this kind of experience, our clients are guaranteed a service, where they can expect to be presented with knowledge of relevance for e.g. the use of C3 systems, as well as the strategic and tactical decision making of the SOF-teams’ activities and operations.

Niord Vendia Consulting provides high mobility solutions and tools that support SOF- and Law Enforcement tactical teams’ safe and precise execution of missions.

Niord Vendia Consulting has a strong understanding of the importance of a supportive and hands-on team of consultants. For this reason, we offer operational support in areas such as project and site management; training of operators; and on-location technical support and assistance. As experienced project managers, it is important for us to understand our customers to the fullest in order to provide quality service and guidance.

Being close to our customer and gaining knowledge about their operational environment forms the foundation for a successful collaboration

Due to Niord Vendia Consulting’s array of technical and military experience, our team is equipped with the knowledge of leadership, systems and tasks necessary to obtain and lead military operations. These experiences have been obtained through areas such as project and site management, training of operators, and on-location technical support and assistance during international operations. For this reason, Niord Vendia Consulting, has the capacity of providing a wide variety of knowledge regarding project management, that assures our clients with the guidance and advice most appropriate to their needs and wants.